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What We Offer

Whether you’re looking for a quick photoshoot or a full day of photos, We provide all of the personalized services to cover your needs. Learn more about our service offerings below, and reach out with any questions.

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Full Photoshoot

We are committed to working closely with our clients to understand exactly what they’re looking for, then capturing the perfect photos to sell your property with ease.

Initial Consultation

Selling a house without the perfect photos can really affect your listings, which is why it’s beneficial to have an experienced professional managing the details. Through this service, you can count on us to guide you in every step of the way to sell your listing much faster.


Questions? Reach out today.

About C&C Photography

The Full Story

As professional photographers, My Father and I view the world through a creative lens. This creativity has led us to many adventures, and has given us the chance to collaborate with some truly talented Real Estate Agents. We are always searching for more opportunities to explore further, continue growing and expand our skill set. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch.




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